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About DocSuggest

Hi there, I am DocSuggest! I was born out of a need to simplify Healthcare, a need so strong yet largely unaddressed. My creators strongly believe that business and social cause need to be mutually inclusive and are extremely passionate about what they do.

Been brought up in this environment, my service empowers people to explore and find the best suited healthcare facilities, make informed decisions and take care of their health in the most comfortable manner. I must tell you that I am just a couple of years old, but my creators have big plans for my future. With a network of more than 10,000 doctors in Hyderabad and Bangalore, I am growing fast and will be accessible to anyone anywhere within the next two years.

Pandey Anshuman Kishore, Software Artist

Anshuman is my CTO but he likes to be called an Artist (with the capital A and Software in front)! He is passionate about programming, reading (mostly thrillers and everything related to programming) and also considers himself a part time poet. His passion for programming has won him many accolades in his professional experience and for the poetry part, ahem...let us move on.

Anshuman makes sure that team always carries a smile no matter what the situation be. By the by, he has a B. Tech. and an M. Tech. from IIT Kgp and carries the responsibility of technical development on his shoulders. This brings me to the next guy...

Connect with Anshuman:

Pushkar Soni

Pushkar has many faces. He bears the responsibility of technological developments along with Anshuman, they are the brothers-in-arms. He and Anshuman are responsible for how good I perform and how fast can I run. He also gives a helping hand to Keerthi to enroll more and more doctors and hospitals in my network. At the end of the day, he also takes care of the finances so that all the guys at DocSuggest get paid on time (and our internet and phone connections are up and running). You simply can't keep him away from any action (yep, sometimes I do confuse him with Jack Bauer). Pushkar holds an engineering degree from the Punjab University and is passionate about biking, cricket, soccer, F1 racing and of course me!

Connect with Pushkar:

Shantanu Jha, Chief Executive Officer

Shantanu's favorite sport is juggling. He juggles between the roles of marketing, web designing, sales, testing, HR and sometimes "that-guy-on-the-phone in the office". His focus is making sure more and more people know about me and use my services. He hails from a family of doctors and brings in insights that helps evolve my future path and strategic direction. He is passionate about travelling & music and makes sure he gets to sing in as many parties as possible. He boasts of getting a degree from IITB without any backlogs but never reveals his CPI.

Connect with Shantanu:

Our Patient Care team has been hand picked to help our users in choosing the most suited healthcare facility as required. The team's mantra is empathy with genuineness! The team never hesitates to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist our users.

Team Members:

Archana Pandugala

Archana leads the team with enthusiasm and vigor. She complains of sleeplessness in case she is unable to help out a patient.

Mohammed Khasim

Khasim speaks Hindi, English, Telugu and Kannada. He loves playing cricket and listening to music.

My Sales & Operations team members are the ones that wait for long hours at hospitals to make sure you don't have to wait. It is their responsibility to ensure our users have a plethora of options to choose from when they need doctors and hospitals. Thanks to their sales experience, they are the most polite bunch when it comes to dealing with telemarketers and sales executives landing our office.

Team Members:

Satish Kumar Gollapalli, Relationship Manager

Satish was the first guy to join me and the four of my creators. With his backgroud in healthcare, he has been instrumental in building my database up. He is extremely passionate about everything he does. He is the man to go when you need any help of any sort.

Somnath Nath, Relationship Manager

Somnath focuses on expanding the DocSuggest network in Banglore. He likes reading books and is a fan of Satyajit Ray's movies.

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Impressive follow up.

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Excellent service with phone confirmation which made the patient comfortable.

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Keeping best Doctor record and well qualified doctor record in database.

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I will surely recommend your service to my friends and family members.

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Thanks DocSuggest.

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Thanks for your best service.

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You people doing good job.

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This was the first time I got introduced to this site.You guys are really doing Marvel job.

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