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Dr. Vemula Sreekanth

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Dr. Vemula Sreekanth


Specialties: Neurology, Neuro Physician
Positions: Consultant Neuro Physician
Languages: Hindi, Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu
Gender: Male

About Dr. Vemula Sreekanth


  • Neurology
  • Neuro Physician


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Patient Reviews for Dr. Vemula Sreekanth

The doctor was very good. I am very much satisfied with the treatment.

- saw Dr. Vemula Sreekanth

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Excellent Service.

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This was my first visit and I am very satisfied.

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Impressive follow up.

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Excellent service with phone confirmation which made the patient comfortable.

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Keeping best Doctor record and well qualified doctor record in database.

- Gauri shankar Mishra 97******01

I will surely recommend your service to my friends and family members.

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Thanks DocSuggest.

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Thanks for your best service.

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You people doing good job.

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This was the first time I got introduced to this site.You guys are really doing Marvel job.

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